Research and Development

Research and development (also RnD or RD or Research and Technological Development or RTD in Europe) refers to a specific group of activities within a business. The activities that are classified as RnD differ from company to company, but there are two primary models. In one model, the primary function of an RnD group is to develop new products; in the other model, the primary function of an RnD group is to discover and create new knowledge about scientific and technological topics for the purpose of uncovering and enabling development of valuable new products, processes, and services. Under both models, RnD differs from the vast majority of a company's activities which are intended to yield nearly immediate profit or immediate improvements in operations and involve little uncertainty as to the return on investment (ROI). The first model of RnD is generally staffed by engineers while the second model may be staffed with industrial scientists. RnD activities are carried out by corporate (businesses) or governmental entities.

Services provided by RossInvest Foundation are related to the theoretical and practical aspects of complex fields of activities. Such services are provided by members of professions such as chemists, physicists, engineers, etc., and includes the services of scientists who undertake evaluations, estimates, research and reports in humanities, natural and social sciences.